New ABIP HQ?! Johnny and I have been working from the @hotelborndenver for the past few days before we head out skiing this weekend! And how cool is this...  They have a ‘WFHotel’ package that includes a 30% discount on board room rentals, a flat screen monitor + HDMI cable + conference ☎️, complimentary wifi, a discount to @citizenrail for food, & a complimentary in-room wine hour to distress from the day! 🍷  We also have a huge desk in our room where Johnny has been working— don’t you think more hotels should make it this easy to WFH?! 💻 #liketkit #LTKtravel #IBIPtravels

The Ultimate 2020 Swimsuit Guide for All Prices

The Ultimate 2020 Swimsuit Guide for All Prices

^ this swimsuit is only $28 on Amazon Prime! It runs true to size & I’m wearing the size small. 

Swimsuit Guide: 75 Swimsuits At All Different Prices

This has been far and away one of my most requested blog posts from the spring season, so let’s get to it! 

Swimsuits can sometimes be a really huge pain to shop for (it IS basically like wearing your bra and undies in public…) and of course you want something that’s affordable, flattering, comfortable, and trendy. Yet sometimes the trends seem to change so often that you shy away from investing in a trendy new bikini color or one-piece style. OR sometimes you’re way too nervous that the suit will even fit when you get it, that you’re not about to drop $350 on a top + bottoms… I get it. 

The core purpose of this blog is my attempt to help everyone who comes across it. So I started by sharing my first annual “Ultimate Swimsuit Shopping Guide for All Prices” blog post last year, and am continuing it this spring! Below you’ll find 75 swimsuits at various price points– let me know if you have any go-to favorite brands that I may have missed. The more swimsuit knowledge and tips we can spread, the less likely we are to lose our bottoms when a wave hits! 😉

Swimsuits Under $20

Swimsuits Under $50

Swimsuits Worth the Splurge

Questioning ordering from SheIn or Romwe?! 

I shared this same answer in last year’s blog post, and it’s worth sharing again! Their bathing suits are so cheap it almost seems too good to be true… BUT I’ve ordered from and tried out swimsuits from both retailers and found that their bathing suits work for me about 90% of the time.

My tips would be to order them at least three weeks before you’re going on your trip because they take about ten days to arrive (SheIn has updated their shipping now so that I always receive my items within one week).

ALSO, in regards to fit, I have definitely had better luck with the tops fitting better than the bottoms, so they’re the perfect bikini tops to mix and match with higher-end neutral bottoms that you may already have. I would recommend reading the reviews on each suit, as they often show real people in the suits and share their commentary on them. I’ve also found that Aerie has great basic, solid colored bottoms in multiple shapes if you’re looking to stock up on some to mix and match with more fun, trendy tops! 

Bottom line: 

The SheIn and Romwe suits are so inexpensive that you can order two sizes of the same suit and it will still be cheaper than buying a suit from almost anywhere else. Definitely worth the try for a fun spring-break type trip or if you’re looking to stock up on trendy suits that you will only have for a season or two! 

I work with SheIn on a pretty consistent basis (and order from them myself), so you can use the code ‘Q4AMY15’ when you checkout for 15% off. I don’t get anything in return for you using it, but it’s a nice way for you to knock off an extra 15% from your order! xx 👙

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