The August Edit


turquoise earrings // seashell necklace // pink lipstick

heart earrings // Nantucket beach print // mint face mask 

pink sweatshirt // seashell earrings // sequin tote // pink heels

This month’s edit is all hot pink and cool turquoise… to reflect this month’s constant struggle of trying to enjoy the hot weather, while staying cool at the same time. I’m never one to shy away from bold colors, especially when it’s still summertime and bright hues are the norm (I look best in hot pink when I’m tan, anyways 😉).

The products you’ll find in this post are some of my ABIP staples… a bold, oversized earring, a graphic sweatshirt with a cheeky saying, a print of a beloved island, and touches of sequins and gold. Does it get any better than that? They’re all little touches of happy that can help make August the sweetest final month of summer.

The August Edit

turquoise earrings //

I love the simplicity of these bold-colored oversized floral earrings. They come in red and yellow as well, and are currently on sale for $34!

seashell necklace //

This is a favorite recent Amazon Prime find of mine– I actually got it in the pink seashell version. It reminds me of the gorgeous Brinker & Eliza jewelry that I’m obsessed with, but is only $10!

pink lipstick //

This lipstick is from Rhianna’s Fenty Beauty line, and I love how saturated yet nourishing it looks! The shade is “tropic tantrum,” which of course I couldn’t resist.

heart earrings //

I think that Oscar de la Renta leads the way in terms of statement earring designs and trends, and these are proof of that. They would make such a beautiful gift for a loved one.

Nantucket beach print //

This Gray Malin print is one of my all-time favorites of his! I have the La Fontelina one, but this one is on my list for the future.

mint face mask //

I don’t know about you but I love the smell of mint when it comes to skincare. It smells so fresh, which is why I’m eyeing this face mask that’s only $7, but can be used for up to five full face masks!

pink sweatshirt //

I just got this sweatshirt from Addison Bay {use the code ‘abjacqueline20’ for 20% off!} and I’m going to warn you now that you’re going to see me in it A LOT. It’s the best shade of pink and has the sunniest slogan. 😊

seashell earrings //

These are the ultimate oversized seashell earrings, which would be such a FUN touch to almost any summer cocktail dress you are planning on wearing this month. They come in the colorway “summer white” as well, in case you’re looking for something a little more neutral.

sequin tote //

I accessorized with my sequin straw bag the other day in this Instagram and got so many compliments on it! Unfortunately, that one was an old Calypso St. Barth’s find, so I went online to find a few similar bags and came across this gorgeous gold/silver one.

pink heels //

Hello hot heels. These are my new shoe crush. I would wear them now with white jeans and transition them into fall by pairing them with black jeans as well! Hot pink is a neutral all year round, didn’t you know?! 😉

I hope you like looking through the items I’m currently shopping and eyeing for the month of August… I think they’re the perfect reflection of the final sweet month of summer! xx


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