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Secret Santa Gifts Under $25 & $50 with Francesca’s

Secret Santa Gifts Under $25 and $50
Secret Santa Gifts Under $25 and $50
Secret Santa Gifts Under $25 and $50
Secret Santa Gifts Under $25 and $50
Secret Santa Gifts Under $25 and $50
Secret Santa Gifts Under $25 and $50
Secret Santa Gifts Under $25 and $50

We are a week from Christmas, and that means that this week is usually jam packed with holiday festivities, both at work and in the evenings. With holiday parties usually comes a Secret Santa or Elfster type of gift exchange. This sometimes eggs on the pressure of finding the perfect gift for your secret someone. And you usually don’t want to be that girl who shows up with nothing but a Starbucks gift card (unless the gal you are gifting for is a Starbucks addict of course 😉 ).

I am a part of two Secret Santas this year (which is honestly pretty manageable, so I consider myself lucky, ha), one in my work and one with my group of best friends. I have also been helping my friends and mom with their respective Secret Santa gifts as well. I absolutely love finding the gift that’s just right for a coworker or friend who deserves the world but you’re limited to a $50 spend. That’s a challenge I will gladly accept! 

That’s why it’s made so much sense to pop into Francesca’s to look for my Secret Santa gifts. I was overwhelmed by all of the options and just had to share my Secret Santa gift selections with you! So I chose to round up gifts under $25 and $50 spend limits because those are pretty common spend levels for Secret Santa parties.

Francesca’s is available online or you can pop into your local Francesca’s boutique (they’re everywhere—see their full store list here), and scoop up a gift there. I grew up with a Francesca’s by my house in NJ and my college in Richmond, VA, so it’s been a go-to of mine for gifts for my friends for years. Right now all of their full priced items are buy one, get one 50% off too (so you can justify paying for expedited shipping if need be 😉 ). 

Gifts Under $25

Gifts Under $50

I hope this helps you do your last-minute gift exchange shopping as well! I’m always picking up witty, funny, and adorable gifts to keep on hand for birthdays, holidays, and general life moment presents (can you tell I’m a big gift giver?!), so a post like this is just what I love to research and share. There’s nothing like when your bestie opens up a gift that you pick out just for her and her whole face lights up when she sees it. THAT is what the gifting season is all about. 🙂 

Much love to Francesca’s for sponsoring this post, and thank you for supporting the brands that support I Believe in Pink!  

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