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Cocktail Hour #4

Lauren James navy and pink activewear

Lauren James navy and pink activewear

Lauren James navy and pink activewear

Lauren James navy and pink activewear

Lauren James navy and pink activewear

Lauren James navy and pink activewear

Lauren James navy and pink activewear

Lauren James navy and pink activewear

Lauren James navy and pink activewear

Lauren James navy and pink activewear

Outfit Details: sports bra: Lauren James c/o {also take a look at this one that has a bow} // leggings: Lauren James c/o // sweatshirt: Lulu Lemon {sold out, but similar one here} // sneakers: ASICS // ‘Hello Gorgeous’ coffee cup: I Believe in Pink Boutique // choker: I Believe in Pink Boutique

See my first Cocktail Hour post before reading this– it explains the concept behind these! See my second Cocktail Hour post and my third Cocktail Hour post as well. 🙂

Cocktail of the Week:

When I was in Florida last week for the Honda Classic golf tournament, we went out to dinner at a place in Jupiter called Dive Bar, where I found a cocktail on the menu called “Mermaid Water”…. SOLD. It contained the following: Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Malibu Coconut Rum, pineapple, and blue and orange curacao. It was turquoise. I enjoyed it VERY much.

Life Updates:

Where to even begin?!! Since the last Cocktail Update I have been on two work trips to Florida– one to launch Lilly Pulitzer SWIM (oh yes it’s back!) in Palm Beach and the other to work the Lilly tent at the Honda Classic golf tournament at the PGA Resort course. In between the two trips I spent the weekend in NYC with Johnny celebrating his birthday, our anniversary, and Valentine’s Day. I also got to catch up with my girlfriends in the city and hit up the Lilly on Madison Ave and the Calypso St. Barth’s blow-out sale (omg so sad that they’re closing). I gave Johnny his present that actually comes into fruition this weekend… so stay tuned to see what we’re doing (I had to one-up the helicopter ride, it was a CHALLENGE). 

Now, I have been getting back into the swing of being back in my apartment (I missed my bed… and my roommates ha) and working regular hours again due to not traveling. I am taking a mini trip this weekend (hint hint at Johnny’s present), but I am going to try to stay put and REST for the rest of the month… for the most part. 😉

ALSO, I’m so thrilled to say that between all of this I managed to get the I Believe in Pink Boutique up and ready to officially launch! You can read all about its re-launch pop-up here. It’s been my creative baby and I love nothing more than getting to spread some sunshine and sparkle to everyone who shops.

Pit of the Week:

I rear-ended a car. I was driving on 76 the first day I got back from my second Florida work trip and was looking at the screen in my car next to my dashboard when all of a sudden I found myself jammed up against the bumper of the car in front of me. The good, good news is that I was LITERALLY going 3 mph (you know this is true if you’ve driven on 76 at 7:30 AM on a Tuesday before) and it was luckily a very anti-climatic fender bender and we both drove away from it after we exchanged insurance information. My car was fine but the bender of the car I hit crumpled like it was made of aluminum foil (like WHAT). And to make matters even more embarrassing, I was wearing a BRIGHT coral J. Crew coat so I looked like a traffic cone on the side of the road while I 1. Called my dad (TG for Dads) and 2. Took pictures of the damage I did to the poor car I hit. Not a good look for me. But again, everyone was completely safe and sound and we were very fortunate it wasn’t worse. I am now an even more defensive driver than I already was… if that’s even possible because I am a very slow, nervous driver, ha! 

Peak of the Week:

I’ve actually had so many work and personal peaks in the past two weeks (there has been a LOT going on), but I have to say that my favorite moments were getting to catch the fireworks in the resort hot tub during the Honda Classic tournament week or having my anniversary dinner with Johnny at Rubirosa in NYC. If you’ve been following for a while now, you know I loove hot tubs and am enchanted by anything that sparkles, i.e. fireworks, so that was a fun moment for me. In regards to my dinner with Johnny, the restaurant was SO worth the wait (they don’t take reservations) for the intimate setting and out-of-this-world cheese board! 

Wellness Tidbit of the Week:

Grab a tub of frosting out of the baking supplies aisle in the grocery store. Bring it home. Sit on your couch. Turn on the Bachelor finale (Shake Shack is welcome at this party too). Eat it all. Scream at the TV.

Sometimes wellness takes a different form other than essential oils and heating pads. Stay tuned for how I feel the day after doing this…. i.e. next Wednesday. I’ll report back via Instagram stories.

Favorite Thing Seen on the Internet This Week:

This is my favorite meme of all time. I actually cannot look at it and keep a straight face. It’s impossible. I saved it on Instagram so I can randomly DM it to my friends at any moment in time. So necessary.

Best Deal of the Week:

The HUGE Shopbop sale that’s going on right now where you can score up to 25% off your order. I linked my favorite items that are included in the sale below. It’s the perfect opportunity and excuse to score those staple spring/spring break/summer styles that you will wear throughout the next six months.

IBIP Obsession of the Week

This Coola Makeup Setting Spray that is SPF 30 reduces shine and keeps makeup fresh when you’re under the sun all day. I wore it while working during the Honda Classic and felt that it really protected my face. It did make my top eyeliner smear a littlee so next time I am going to use it over lighter makeup instead (I use this oil-reducing makeup setting spray for my everyday makeup and can’t profess my love for it enough, except that it doesn’t include UV protection, which is why I am obsessing over the Coola one as an alternative for when I know I’m going to be in the sun). I am also obsessing over these blush sequin Tory Burch slides. Blush. Sequin. Slides. Take a look and let me know if you purchase!

Your Favorite Item Seen on IBIP This Week:

This white ruffle-sleeved tunic! I wear it as a dress but it would also be too cute as a top over a pair of skinny jeans and sandals. It is the ideal winter-to-spring little white dress. My mom and I both got it– it’s so worth the price point and is a timeless style you can have in your closet for years.


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