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My Spring Travel Destinations

My Spring Travel Destinations, Vero Beach, Watercolor, Aruba, Copenhagen, Amsterdam travel itinerary

I’ve essentially stayed put the first two months of 2019– with a few trips to NYC here and there but nothing more than that. So of course I got a little antsy 😉 and have a few trips planned for the next two months.

I wanted to share my spring travel plans with you now because one- I am SO excited about them a hate keeping things on the down-low, and two- so that you’re not confused when one moment I’m Instagram storying about the Gulf of Mexico, and the next I’m talking about a canal in Amsterdam… you know?

So below I’m sharing an overview of my spring travel destinations. I gladly welcome any/all of your recommendations for can’t-miss restaurants and activities in each place. The trips were planned by either me or my mom, so you know we are open to any fun ideas. 🙂

My Spring Travel Destinations


(the second half)

In mid-march I was in NYC for a work event, and I left from there to spend the weekend in Vero Beach, FL with my parents. I  photographed our whole townhouse there to share with you all and I’m so excited for you to finally see what my mom has transformed into our ultimate tropical oasis getaway spot (I will share a blog post series on it soon!).

At the end of March I headed back to Florida for a veryyy exciting work trip on the Florida panhandle (I had never been before). It was unlike any influencer trip I’ve planned before, and I hope you had fun following along!


Aruba, Bahamas, come on pretty mama… ? (those definitely aren’t the right lyrics). I’m kicking off the first week of April with a getaway trip to ARUBA. Johnny and I are using up alll of his SPG and Delta points that he accumulated from traveling for work last year to spend five nights in Aruba. We decided to do a trip instead of giving each other any gifts for this entire year (for Christmas, our birthdays, our anniversary, etc.), and it worked out perfectly to fly directly to Aruba on Delta during this week. I’ve never been and it’s supposedly one of the hottest, and happiest, islands in the world. I can’t imagine a place I’d love more!

Now, let’s spin the globe around to… Copenhagen. My little sister (AKA favorite human ever who I miss SO MUCH) is currently studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. My parents and I will be going to visit her (my mom has already been and absolutely loved it). We are traveling over and will be experiencing Copenhagen, Amsterdam, the countryside of Holland (during prime tulip-season!!), and Norway. To be 100% honest, I have had no part of planning this trip (it actually is earlier than I thought it would be, but that’s a story for another time). I joke that my family is the best version of our family unit when we are traveling together (we’re lucky in that we travel so well together) so I cannot wait to get the whole fam bam together for this trip.

The catch?

I have give or take 24 hours between Aruba and Copenhagen. Who wants to see me frantic Instagram story during that?!! 😉 I’ll be spending those 24 hours in New York City, catching up on work before meeting my parents at the airport to fly to Copenhagen together.


I currently have nothing planned for May besides visiting NYC and my boyfriend/best friends there. I would also love to head to DC again to see my friends there (my last trip was at the start of January) but I haven’t asked them yet (LB, E, Annabel, are you free in May?! ?). Also, I definitely want to take in all of Philadelphia in the springtime as well. It’s seriously the most beautiful and charming city (all the time) but especially during that time of year.

I’m very thankful that I will be experiencing such new and different places this spring and definitely don’t take one second for granted. Every time I step on a plane I thank God for one- the miracle that planes are (ha) and two- the opportunity to travel, learn, and share my experiences on this platform. I know that so many of you have found favorite places & tips through my past travel tips/diaries, and it makes my heart so happy that I can create the same content from these upcoming trips.

And finally, I’m such a freak in that packing/planning outfits is almost as fun to me as actually being on the trip, so I will enjoy the time leading up to these adventures so much. But what am I most looking forward to? The pink flamingos in Aruba and the pink tulips in Holland of course 😉 .  xx

p.s. If you’re looking for some more European travel guides right now, I know a cute girl who happens to be living in Europe right now & is blogging all of her adventures

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