New ABIP HQ?! Johnny and I have been working from the @hotelborndenver for the past few days before we head out skiing this weekend! And how cool is this...  They have a ‘WFHotel’ package that includes a 30% discount on board room rentals, a flat screen monitor + HDMI cable + conference ☎️, complimentary wifi, a discount to @citizenrail for food, & a complimentary in-room wine hour to distress from the day! 🍷  We also have a huge desk in our room where Johnny has been working— don’t you think more hotels should make it this easy to WFH?! 💻 #liketkit #LTKtravel #IBIPtravels

My Amazon Storefront

This $29 Amazon ruffle dress could pass a nightgown or a casual day dress & comes in so many fun colors. It runs true to size too! 

All my Amazon favorites in one place...

Kicking off this week with a little frivolous Amazon fun… I am coming up on a year of sharing my monthly Amazon Prime roundups, and in doing them each month I’ve become somewhat of an Amazon Prime freak 😂. I really love finding an exceptionally good accessory, beauty product, comfy pullover, organizational hack, (you name it!) that takes 5 seconds to order and ships within 48 hours. 

I have been meaning to combine all of my Amazon favorites from my past guides plus what I’m currently shopping all into one place, and thus my Amazon storefront was born!! 

Think of it as your go-to stop in case I ever share anything from Amazon that you like. I will save everything here for you to refer to and add to your cart whenever you may need it. From the pink dress I’m wearing in the above image, to the dip manicure kit I just ordered, you should be able to find links to all my Amazon obsessions. 

I hope it’s helpful to you, and of course reach out if there’s anything you’d like me to look for on Amazon or any additional themed roundups or categories you’d like me to add! 

p.s. When you’re exploring the storefront, make sure to click around, because sometimes the image it’s showing isn’t the best color or version of the product! xx

Amy Believes in Pink Amazon store
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