New ABIP HQ?! Johnny and I have been working from the @hotelborndenver for the past few days before we head out skiing this weekend! And how cool is this...  They have a ‘WFHotel’ package that includes a 30% discount on board room rentals, a flat screen monitor + HDMI cable + conference ☎️, complimentary wifi, a discount to @citizenrail for food, & a complimentary in-room wine hour to distress from the day! 🍷  We also have a huge desk in our room where Johnny has been working— don’t you think more hotels should make it this easy to WFH?! 💻 #liketkit #LTKtravel #IBIPtravels

Making Beaded Friendship Bracelets

Making colorful beaded bracelets supplies

$15 Amazon sunglasses // favorite scented candle 

Stacking them on & wearing them out…

Making colorful beaded bracelets supplies
Making colorful beaded bracelets supplies

Other bracelets to mix & match with the ones you make

Just Bead It

I was sitting on our front porch here the other day with my godmother, and I was stringing beads onto some bracelets for a few of my girlfriends. My godmother looked at me and said, “girl, you have been making bracelets since you were five years old!.” She isn’t wrong. 😂

It’s always been such a fun hobby to me and one of my first business ventures was selling bracelets from a lemonade stand-type setup at the end of our road at the beach… So you can imagine how quickly I jumped back into it as soon as I saw that colorful beaded bracelets were trending again, and was reminded of just how much I love to make them! 😊

This summer I’ve been making some for myself to wear on and off, as well as to send to my girlfriends as little pick-me-up gifts. To make them, I have either been stringing them onto clear string (I fasten the knots with clear nail polish or you can use this cement glue) or pieces of Lilly fabric from a dress I cut up. I love the look of beads threaded onto fabric and for that I would recommend using any old Lilly that you may have or purchasing some block print fabric from Amazon or Etsy (I linked all of my fabric recs for you below).

I just cut the fabric up into thin strands, string beads onto it, and then tie knots to keep the beads from sliding around– that’s it! I let the fabric fray for the most part and just let that be part of the overall look. Then I tie the bracelet onto my wrist and keep it on for at least few good weeks (among showers, dips in the ocean, etc.) until it ultimately gets a little gross (I’m going to blame the self tanner here haha) and I cut it off and make a new bracelet to replace it… easy as that! 

As for which beads to start with, I bought this $14 set of rainbow beads (which also comes with two rolls of elastic string) and these $8 colorful letter beads. And I already had some star beads and the Lilly fabric (I cut up a dress that I have!). If you’re looking to get even more creative with the beads you’re using, I really love this Jolly Store Crafts Etsy shop for a ton of fun bead options at pretty inexpensive prices! 

Below I rounded up all of the best bracelet supplies I’ve come across + some really gorgeous block print fabric that would make beautiful ‘string’ for fabric beaded bracelets. 

It’s all pretty self-explanatory 😂, but of course don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions at all, or just to show me what you’ve made! xx

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