Life Lately 8.21.19

Floral Shein butterfly maxi dress with Jane Winchester pendant necklace

Outfit Details: dress: SheIn c/o {use the code AMYQ3 for 15% off!} // heels: SheIn c/o {use the code AMYQ3 for 15% off!} // clutch: SheIn {use the code AMYQ3 for 15% off!} // necklace: Jane Winchester // necklace chain: Jane Winchester // sunglasses: Karen Walker 

I used to have a series on the blog called “Cocktail Hour” in which I shared my peak/pits as of late, as well as my cocktail of the week,  wellness tidbit, favorite things seen on the internet, best deal of the week, etc. They were really fun to write and put together, but often took too long for me to get up regularly (#life).

SO, I wanted to start doing an abbreviated version of them so I can get them up more frequently! Thus, the “Life Lately” series was born…

Life Lately

(life updates & happenings) 

The past few weeks have been busy with after-work events during the week, and then taking it easy(ish) during the weekends, trying to soak up the goodness that is the end of the summer season. We hosted my boyfriend’s family (minus his parents—they have to come next year!) at the beach two weekends ago, which was a blast (getting back together with all of them this week too!), and this past weekend I hung out with my fam, caught up on sleep, and spent a lot of time on the water. It was good for the soul. 😊 

I’ve had a lot of after-work appointments and events (like getting to see the new Notary Hotel in Philadelphia, which was so gorgeous!), which have made the weeks go quicker than usual, and have shortened my post-work work time (which may be why I’ve felt like I’ve been playing catch up all of August!). But I am gearing up for two trips and trying to get #allthethings things scheduled and crossed off my list so I can enjoy them.

This week, I am headed to upstate Wisconsin to spend five days with Johnny and his extended family. They vacation up there every summer and it’s easily their favorite part of the whole year. I’ve heard about it ever since Johnny and I first started dating when we were sophomores in college, so needless to say I am honored to be included and so looking forward to the simple pleasures of lake life… fresh air, s’mores, water skiing, cooler temperatures…

I am an ocean-loving beach girl through and through, but my dad made sure to take my sister and I to a lake as often as he could when we were little, so there is definitely a soft spot in me for that fresh water life! 

THEN, I will be heading back to work for almost a full work week, until I head off to… PERU. I’m considering Wisconsin to be the “warm-up” for all of the activities that Peru will bring. 😉

Both are going to be VERY active trips (I’ve been carbo-loading, believe me), and I know that I’m in store for it (ha). Why Peru? My best friend Nicole has family there (and a casual avocado farm), and she goes frequently and has always wanted to take our group of friends from college (there’s six of us that are in the same grade and are BFF soul sisters to the core… anyone remember our overly *extra* graduation photoshoot together?! So we booked the trip last October and it’s finally HERE.

Nicole, being the savvy type-A freak that she is (ok, we all are 😉), created our itinerary from scratch. It includes planes, trains, llamas, ancient ruins, avocados, local foods, spas… needless to say it will be the trip of a lifetime and I’m so looking forward to sharing the highlights with you! My friends are absolutely hysterical, and this will no-doubt bring out the crazy in all of us, so it’s sure to be a blast and worth tuning in for. I haven’t spent 10 uninterrupted days with them since we were all at Richmond together, so we are going to cherish this so much!

I have a lot to get done in between Wisconsin and Peru, but there will be so much downtime and exercise and girl time to make it all SO worth it. Also, I’m thinking about taking a complete social media hiatus while I’m in Wisconsin… thoughts? Has anyone taken a digital break before and would recommend it? I tend to get really antsy and anxious if I don’t work for about 24 hours (personal issue ha), so that may be asking too much. Either way, I’m planning on bringing a book so things are going to get wild.

As always, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for stopping by and reading! xx

Recent Blog Posts

(what’s new on le blog)

Sharing my August Amazon picks, which are all travel-related, in this August Amazon Prime round up blog post. 

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Recent Purchases

(this section will either be Recent Sale Alerts or Recent Shopping Finds) 

There are no major noteworthy sales going on right now, so I thought I’d share five recent products I’ve purchased and love. Hope you don’t mind this as my replacement for the sale roundup this time around! 

  • These $20 blush pink sweatpants are some of the softest pants I own. 10/10 would recommend! 
  • I recently saw @ashleybrooke share this shirt that says “pink is my power color” and it was love at first sight. I’m such a sucker for a good graphic t! I sized up a size so it would be more oversized. 
  • While perusing the site, I also picked up this coffee tumbler, since I’ve been needing to get a new one (I just find that mine get so gross after a while!). It says “glass half full” 😉. Another no-brainer purchase. 
  • Speaking of the trips, I found this $7 set of three zip-up bags that I used to organize all of the miscellaneous things that usually flat around in my tote (chapstick, chargers, wipes, mints, etc.). I love the blush colors of them and the various sizes! 

Recent Amazon Finds

  • I just ordered this Simple Modern tumbler (the 20oz size in ‘midnight black’) for my trip to Peru. I always like to have something to put coffee and fresh water in when I’m traveling, so I can take it on the go. 
  • I also recently bought these blush pink APL sneakers from Amazon. They run true to size and and worth every penny. They’re unbelievably comfortable and light!! I was thinking about taking them to Peru but am now worried that they might get too dirty… thoughts? 
  • These are the new white ruffle pillow covers I have on my apartment bed. I wanted to lighten up my bedding a little bit (less hot pink, more blush pink 😉), and these were the perfect fit to do so! If you don’t have pillow inserts for them, I’d recommend getting these to fit inside. 

Recent Life Hack

(either an organizational item, time saving tip, or life-changing product) 

In my last Life Lately post, I shared my dorm room hacks and tips for taking your dorm room to the next level, but I realize that it’s also the time of year when many peeps are moving into new apartments, so I wanted to roundup my favorite apartment items as well!

My biggest tip is to start with simple, clean furniture and accents (think white, navy, gold, acrylic, etc.) that you can later layer on with colorful décor and flair. Below are the items I would be shopping now if I was moving into a new apartment. I can definitely do a larger post on this if you’re interested, just let me know! 😊xx

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