Are you someone who carries all the things in your tote bag or are you more minimal (if so, I’m jealous 😂). For some reason I always find myself with a million and one items in my bag, & for our day trip to Palm Beach this week I even threw in my new @lifeseasons Clinical Immunity Elderberry Gummies!  There are so many recommendations out there  right now about how to boost your immune system & I found that these supplement gummies pack in all the best vitamins to do so: Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, zinc, & elderberry. 💜 They taste delish & are such an EASY way to get all of the science-backed ingredients that will support your immunity. Use the code AMY15 for 15% off on #LifeSeasons #sponsored

July Amazon Picks: Flowy Dresses

Best flowy dresses on Amazon

I’m heading back from Johnny’s home in the Midwest and so thankful for all of my time spent there! Johnny will be staying there for a little bit to have some more time with his family (not to mention two golf tournaments 😂), and then we’ll reconvene in August. 😊

I seriously cannot believe that we’re already at the end of July… like where the heck did this summer go?! I’m going into the next few weeks with the mindset that I’m going to soak up every sweet moment of the rest of July and August.

July Amazon Picks

This month’s Amazon picks are exactly what I’ve been craving recently… easy, flowy, lightweight dresses. It’s been consistently in the upper 80s recently and I swear I don’t want to be close to anything that touches my thighs 😂. 

So I did some research and rounded up 25 dresses (all under $40) that are exactly the type of outfit you’d want to slip into after a long day on the beach or a dip in the pool. They’re stylish & effortless all at once… take your time perusing these and hopefully you find one that you can wear to enjoy the rest of this hot summer! xx


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