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I’ve seen the company grow from their launch party to now & am so honored to support & share a female-founded brand that has so much hustle & heart behind it. I’ve had the pleasure of working with many of the AB peeps in my previous job & now in my blogging life (@madzick23, @emilycbritt, @ashley_anapolsky💗) & just love their dedication to the concept of bringing us all fashion-forward activewear for the woman on the GO! 💥💙 
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Matched my parent’s bed at the shore. Had to snap a pic 😂💙 
Are you just as gingham/buffalo check crazed as we are?! My mom has been decorating with it ever since I was born and I always was like “what is it with this check obsession?!” and now I’m clearly eating my words 😅 Moms are always right. #liketkit #LTKhome
Ok tell me.. how do we feel about the new #Reels Instagram feature?! Thought it could be a fun way to showcase what I included in my girl’s weekend gift bags (that I’ve received SO many questions about, complete with embroidered straw bags & @lisilerch earrings!).  Sharing all the details & linking up everything for you in my last post on 🧺💕 #liketkit #InstagramReels

I Believe in Pink Q & A #1

I Believe in Pink question and answer
Hello hello peeps! I’ve been wanting to get a Q&A series going for a while now, as it seems like it could be such a fun and helpful way to share a little bit more about my life. If you like this one, let me know and I’ll continue them periodically. I received so many interesting, awesome questions and chose ten twelve that were either repeated in some sense a few times or that I thought I could answer in a few sentences. Some of these do require full blog posts, so I’ll definitely be taking note of those for the future.  As always, thank you for stopping by & enjoy! 🙂

How do you manage your closet space with constant new trends?

I don’t know if “manage” would be the right word. I don’t have a ton of closet space and 98% of the things I own are in my room/apartment. It’s a constant battle between re-organizing my closet, transitioning clothing from my closet to the storage bins I use under my bed (more on those bins in this organization post), and purging styles to either donate or sell. I keep about 60% of my wardrobe in my closet and two dressers, and then another 40% in stackable bins under my bed. Right now, all of my sweaters, scarves, fall clothing, flats/heels, and a lot of bags/clutches are in my closet. Under my bed I store my spring/summer/Christmas clothing, boots/booties, an extra set of sheets, all of my electronics, my stationery, miscellaneous boxes, and more bags omg. My bed is risen about eight inches off the ground to accommodate all that ish! I can’t emphasize the importance of under-bed storage enough if you have a small closet.

What is your favorite part about working at Lilly?

The peeps!!! I work with the savviest, smartest, funniest, most-innovative, and hard-working but FUN women just about ever. They are so inclusive, loyal, and driven. They are constantly pushing the boundaries on what it means to be upbeat and dream big. This post shares my path to Lilly and this post shares my tips on landing your dream internship or job (whatever that may be!).

What was your first Lilly item?

A pink and green butterfly Little Lilly Classic Shift Dress. My mom matted and framed it as soon as I grew out of it– it’s an iconic staple hanging in our household now.

What’s your best advice for a senior in high school?

First of all, hang in there through the college process (see more on my college process here and here). Go into college with an EXCITED.UPBEAT.ATTITUDE. Visualize yourself having the best first year and then go in believing that it’s going to happen. That’s how I unintentionally started out my college career and am forever thankful that I had such a positive outlook and was so genuinely thankful to be there. That attitude allowed me to make it through all of the tough, challenging parts of college without giving up or losing sparkle.

What’s your best post-grad advice for seniors in college?

#Realtalk: Use all of your dining hall dollars, start skipping class and sleeping in because that DOES NOT EXIST when you’re out of there, thank your parents, don’t move to a city for a boy, decide where you want to work based on the company’s culture, set up a savings plan that automatically takes money out of your account periodically so you don’t have to think about it, start your own investments (I use the app Acorns!), start using sunscreen and face lotion, go back for homecoming, plan a reunion with your girlfriends for no later than a month after you graduate… (also, as mentioned above, read my “Letter to a College Undergrad”  that I wrote in my days leading up to graduation). ?

What’s your favorite go-to weeknight meal?

Tostito chips and queso. Add a spiked cider and it’s a meal. JK– if I’m trying to be helpful, I’d say a turkey burger from Trader Joe’s over brown rice with either brussels sprouts or avocado. But I do NOT consider myself a food blogger by any means. If you are looking for healthy and attainable meal ideas and tips, follow @thebananablondie.

Are you going to move to the same city as your boyfriend soon?

Unfortunately not in the near future– we are both really focused on our careers right now and have a lot of short-term goals we want to accomplish professionally in the cities we’re in now before we make any big moving decisions. I know that’s not a super romantic answer ? but that’s where our priorities lie right at this moment!

What’s your advice for making friends in a new city while still keeping your college besties?

First of all, loved that you used the word “besties,” it’s my favorite :). Second of all, I definitely abide by Shauna Niquest’s theory of picturing your relationships like concentric circles of people and then branching out from there. Identify and know who your core people are and prioritize them over everything else. Then, look to make new friends (your neighbors, your coworkers, etc.) and expand that circle without losing sight of your core peeps. Who knows– someone new could end up being one of your core “besties” in no time at all.

How do you keep up your schedule with blogging?

I barely do. ? This is one of the questions that deserves it’s own blog post. But in sum, I’m able to do work full time and keep up the blog because I am absolutely obsessed with both my job and I Believe in Pink. I keep them both as separate as possible, yet they intertwine in the most helpful and coolest ways that allow me to be both a better marketer and blogger. I would say that I am almost always working in some way (for example, even when I’m hanging out with my girlfriends or family I’m creating content, sharing it, answering emails, responding to DMs, etc.– again, I have the BEST people ever surrounding me). And even though my lifestyle right now isn’t exactly sustainable (I don’t get a lot of sleep which I know is SO bad for you), I am so in love with where I am and have so many big dreams for how I’d love both parts of my working life to pan out!! Thus, I do what I can to “balance it all.” More on that in this recent article I recently wrote. 🙂

Can you share more about BBG and your experience? 

Yes! I only completed the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide program once (last winter), but absolutely loved the experience and the results. I dedicated an entire blog post on it here. I am definitely going to do it another time through in the new year. Right now my workouts entail switching in between walking/running three miles or doing 45 minutes on the elliptical, and adding in squats, planks, and small weights. Very simple workouts– mainly for the purpose of giving me more energy as it’s not #bikiniseason and I can chill on the workout front ha. Also, my work and social calendar is so crazy at this time of year so it’s much more difficult to be disciplined about following the weekly BBG workouts right now.

What’s your favorite song? 

Girl’s Just Want to Have Fun.” I swear I broke out singing it in our office yesterday. And even though you didn’t ask (going to tell you anyways), favorite Christmas songs are “A Baby Changes Everything” by Faith Hill and “Go Tell it On the Mountain” by Needtobreathe– both are belting-the-lyrics-in-your-car kind of songs.

How do you “treat yourself” after a long day? 

I heard on a podcast a few months ago that you should write down your own “happiness menu” of all the things that make you happiest. That way, when you’re feeling down, you can pull it up and easily have a whole slew of options of  “happy things” to do. Very simple and kind of silly, but it’s actually so helpful. So I keep a running list on my phone of the things that make me the happiest–  some of the things on my list are to take a bubble bath, put a hot washcloth with essential oils on it on my temples, pray or meditate, run while watching the Real Housewives or Dynasty… I think this topic deserves it’s own post in the future! 🙂

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  1. Isabelle
    November 3, 2018 / 1:08 pm

    Hi! What is the name of the happiness podcast mentioned in the last answer? Thanks Amy!

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