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How to Make the College Application Process Easier with Thrivent Student Resources

Thrivent Student Resources college planning guide, tools, and resources

I am SO excited to share this post today. As I’ve shared before, I had a rough college application process. Therefore, whenever I receive the opportunity to help high schoolers who are going through the college application process, I jump on it. That why when I found out about Thrivent Student Resources, I was blown away and eager to share it all with you! Looking back, I wish I had the resources that I’m about to describe.

Thrivent Financial is a non-profit financial service organization that has been around for 100 years, founded on the idea of helping people with like-minded values join together and be wise with their money (#thingsweneed). Now, they’re taking that mission and moving it over to a new audience– focusing specifically on parents with high school aged students and the students themselves. Hence, Thrivent Student Resources was born, which has been around for about a year, as a one-stop resource that offers a do-it-yourself experience to help you make the best choices for your college experience. Their website states it well saying: “we have the tools and resources you need to make informed decisions about how to prepare, plan, and pay for college.”

Thrivent Student Resources college planning guide, tools, and resources

Your Favorite College Planning Tool

Think of TSR (I just made up that abbreviation 😉 ) as your overall tool for planning your entire college application process and college career. You can sign up as young as a freshman in high school, and TSR will guide you through a personalized path (checklist included) through every step of the college application process. In a journey that can so easily be beyond overwhelming, TSR breaks down everything for you in easy, accomplishable steps while at the same time allowing you to see the bigger picture of your high school, college, and post-grad years. It provides tactful goals that you can accomplish throughout your high school and college years. It’s a platform that grows with you.

How does it do this?! TSR offers free webinars, articles (like “How to make yourself irresistible to colleges“), tools & resources, and overall advice that share how you can start early to be wiser with your money for college. Basically, it offers life hacks and easy lifestyle changes that you can easily adopt to be smarter with your plans and moola. They’ve developed the “New School Mindset,” which is a new way to look at your college education, make the process less overwhelming for you and your parents, and put a plan of action into place.

I wanted to highlight a few of my personal favorite Tools & Resources. Once you sign in, the Tools & Resources “wheel” changes to be personalized to you and your specific goals (fancy).

Tools & Resources

  • Cost of College Comparison— This is the ultimate college search engine. Type in key words or universities and compare degree types & majors offered, cost, acceptance rates, location, size, graduation rate, and so much more. It’s a plethora of college knowledge and the most comprehensive, amazing college tool I’ve seen (and believe me, I looked through a LOT when I was going through the process).
  • Scholarship Search— This is highly useful when you’re wondering what scholarships (out of all of them out there) apply to you. The database that they pull the scholarship information from is one of the top two scholarship platforms out there. There are so many key filters to broaden and narrow your scholarship search so type in areas that may apply to you and see what comes up!
  • Career Assessment-– My personal favorite– I love personality tests and geeked out over this! This is a career profile quiz that will teach you more about yourself and match you to majors and careers that will suit you best. Take the career assessment and see what it suggests for you.
  • College Textbook Search— This is your college textbook portal extraordinaire. You can look up any textbook, use the Buy vs. Rent feature to compare the total cost of ownership for each textbook (so you can decide if buying or renting makes more sense for you), and use the tool’s buyback price comparison to get the best bang for your buck if you’re reselling your textbook.
  • Scholar Advisors— Lastly, TSR has a network of college planners, where you can request a “Scholar Advisor” if you want face-to-face coaching on how to plan for college. Did I mention that this is all free, since they’re a non-profit?
  • + So much more! What I listed are only my personal favorites from the whole Tools & Resources wheel. Again, all FREE (because college is expensive enough, ha!).

Why YOU Should Check This Out

At their core, Thrivent Student Resources is all about making sure you pursue and live out your college dream. Their end goal is to empower you and others to be as educated as possible when making college planning decisions. Have I gushed about it enough?! Go to the site and become a registered user, it’s FREE and takes about 30 seconds. Try it out, play around, set your goals, and get into your dream school without the extra stress. So one day, you’re popping a bottle of pink bubbly on your graduation day 😉 xx

How to Make the College Application Process Easier with Thrivent Student Resources

Much love to Thrivent Student Resources for sponsoring this post and thank you for supporting the brands that support I Believe in Pink! 

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