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I’m full of festive holiday cheer today (and every day from now through December, let’s be real) because I am sharing my first official holiday gift guide! A few weeks ago, I polled my Instagram story friends and asked who exactly everyone needed help shopping for during the holidays. One of the most frequently answered questions (by far) was the MEN in their lives.

I can relate. As soon as it comes time to buy gifts, I feel like I’m constantly seeing and scooping up things for my mom, sister, and girlfriends. But then, my dad or boyfriend are left on my gifting shopping list and it’s not quite as easy (if only they loved wine glasses with witty sayings on them as much as my girlfriends do…).

So, I thought we would get ahead of it this season. I’m debuting my Gift Guide for the Guy first! I pulled in the reinforcements and asked my boyfriend for his holy grail favorites and top recommendations, which can apply to your dad, husband, brother, boyfriend, etc. Some of his overall favorite brands are Peter Millar, Johnnie-O, and Kiehl’s… so they’re all included in this roundup, along with many of his favorite things.

Here are a few gift guide standouts:

  • HIHO Men’s Linen Shirt: This is the best linen shirt for the men in your life who love the warmer weather. The owners and designers of HIHO are based on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands so you better believe they’re true experts in casual style. This shirt is 100% linen and comes in a variety of colors. Is it time to head to the beach bar yet?!

  • Lulu Lemon ABC Pants: Do you know what the ABC stands for?! Anti-ball crushing. Yes. They’re a man’s dream come true and such comfortable and flattering pants on any man! They’re nice enough to wear in a business casual setting as well– they make the best gift!

  • $39 Monogram Dopp Kit: I can’t get over how nice this dopp kit is for the price! My dad already has a nice leather one that he uses (I think it’s such a handsome thing for a man to travel with!). But if I was in the market for a new one for him, this would definitely be it!
  • Minted Personalized Stationery: I was perusing Minted’s website the other day and stocking up on their wrapping paper, when I came across this personalized stationery. I immediately loved how simple, straightforward, and handsome it is. Personalized stationery is something you never think to get for yourself. But, it is such a treat to use when you have it.
  • $85 Quarter Zip Pullover:  This was one of the most popular gift guide recommendations from last year, and it’s back again this year! It comes in eight handsome colors and is really well made, nice gift, but doesn’t break the bank.

Here are a few more gift ideas:

Also, I wanted to take a second to share that sometimes a material gift isn’t the perfect holiday gift. Last year, my boyfriend and I decided to not exchange presents at all throughout the entire year (for Christmas, birthdays, our anniversary, etc.) and instead we took the money that we would have spent on gifts and put it toward a trip to Aruba in April. It worked out so well that we are planning on doing a similar thing this year too.

Also, last year I wrote a blog post on all of my unique experiential gift ideas (that aren’t physical gifts) that I could think of, that I’ve either given to someone, received as a gift myself, or have seen other people enjoy, and that’s always a hopefully helpful resource for you to look back on for alternatives to physical gifts.

As we kick off the season of gift guides galore, I thought it would be worth reiterating– that physical, material gifts can be meaningful and special and thoughtful, but so can experiences and time spent together. And maybe it’s the combination of both that makes the holidays extra magical?! 😊 xx

Much love to HIHO for sponsoring this post. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Amy Believes in Pink! 

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