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Fancy PJs Roundup

fun PJ sets
fun PJ sets

pajamas c/o | mug c/o |

fun PJ sets
fun PJ sets
fancy and fun pajama sets

pajamas c/o | mug c/o

Fancy Pajama Party

I’ve officially resorted to wearing my Christmas pajamas. It’s currently April. But I’m three weeks into self-isolation in Florida and I’ve worn all of the pajamas that I have here many times through. Therefore I am currently wearing the Christmas jammies that I have here just for something a little fresh and new to put on 😂.

So, in the spirit of keeping things light and fun in a season that can feel anything but that, I spent some time rounding up the prettiest, softest, *fanciest* pajamas I could find that were really nice and beautifully made, but weren’t outrageously expensive. (If you really want to know my fanciest pajama pick, this set is it.) 

I have definitely had days when my nighttime pajamas were only to be replaced by  my daytime pajamas. Or I’ve just worn the same pair straight through. And that’s OK, because the world right now is anything but normal. And I’m allowing myself as much grace as possible to take it day by day, in my PJs and all. 

Everyone deserves a really nice pair of the softest jammies out there (for all seasons of life). So this is my way of helping you get a little bit closer to that. Below I’m sharing 30 * fancy * pajama options if you’re in the mood to treat yourself to a luxurious piece of clothing that you will actually get a ton of use out of in the next month. 

OR if you already have a pair or two that you cherish, let me know! I am clearly definitely in the market for a new pair, that preferably aren’t Christmas pajamas… 

fancy and fun pajama sets
p.s. If you’re looking for a really cute pair that you can get via Amazon Prime, then take a look at the ones I recommended at the bottom of my last blog post! xx
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