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Everything You Need to Know About SheIn.com

Everything you need to know about Shein.com

Everything You Need to Know About SheIn.com

These are the items from my Insta-story try-on:

As many of you have noticed, I love finding the best things from SheIn. It call myself a “competitive shopper” in that I love hunting for the best deal, bargain, and the cutest find among hundreds of other styles. I thrive at sample sales, warehouse sales, and the biggest T.J. Maxx 🙂 Which is the very reason I have so much fun shopping SheIn.com.

There are thousands of styles on their website, and I love nothing more than sitting down with a glass of wine and the Real Housewives on in the background and going through page by page. But I know some people can’t stand the search, so this post is for you. 🙂

I have had the best luck in finding things, and love to style them with higher-end pieces (like nice bag or jewelry) so you’d have no idea that they’re SO inexpensive. Someone DM’d me this week and suggested that I put together a page that shares all of my favorite SheIn finds, and I thought that was just the best idea! I added in some additional information and everything you need to know about Shein.com as well. So below you’ll find my breakdown of SheIn’s pricing, shipping, and sizing, as well the links to the styles I already own and love, and the styles that are currently sitting in my shopping cart. 🙂

Everything You Need to Know About SheIn.com


Their prices are insanely cheap, so the catch is that you’re probably not going to find anything that you will keep for years to come. If you’re looking for something easy, inexpensive, and trendy, as opposed to a longterm nice investment piece, then shop around!


I’ve found their shipping to occasionally take a bit longer than we’re used to in the days of Amazon Prime. My recommendation would be to place an order at least two weeks before you really need the items (if you’re purchasing things to wear for a certain event or trip for example). They currently have free “express shipping” when you make a purchase over $49, which means that the items usually arrive within 2-4 business days of your purchase. Recently I’ve noticed my items arriving much faster than usual, so they may have changed up their shipping capabilities recently and are sticking to the express timeline!


I’ve found that 90% of the items I order fit me (I order the smallest size they carry in each item because I’m a size XS), but I’ve also heard people that haven’t been as lucky. But the SheIn items are so inexpensive that you can order two sizes of the same items and it will still be cheaper than buying something from almost any other retailer. Give the extra item to a friend. 🙂 But there’s always a sizing risk with online shopping that we have to accept so SheIn is no different there!


It’s definitely worth the try to explore Shein.com and place an order if you’re on the market for new, cheap, trendy items for festival season, the start of summertime, or just to stock up on a few fun basics! When I’m shopping, I tend to start at the “What’s New” section and then also peruse their “Shop the Trend” section under the “SS 2019” tab. I also have had the best luck with their bags and swimsuits! Also, try searching key terms like “gingham” and “tassels” find extra cute pieces all in one spot. 🙂

And because I love you, I have a special discount code for 15% off your entire order. Use the code “Q4AMY15” when you checkout for 15% off. I’d love to hear any/all feedback you may have. Let me know if this was helpful and if you have any additional questions at all that I can answer or help out with at all! xx

All of the below styles are styles that I own and love.


Here are some styles that I currently have in my shopping cart!


1 Comment

  1. Jennifer
    April 22, 2019 / 9:52 am

    Before I even saw this post I ordered from there and LOVED It! Because it’s coming from abroad I securedm y purchase with the $2 tracking just in case! Everything I got was true to size and fit SO well! They even suggest sizes sometimes too! Great post!

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