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Banana leaves, spunky pineapples, soft seashell pinks, & resort chic gold…. these are the vibes of my spring break wardrobe! Here are nine items I’ve packed for ten days of sunshine and sand. You know you have the second-semester-senior mentality when you’re like “let’s milk everything I have out of my last spring break and turn one vacay into TWO.” ?

Well, that’s exactly what I’m doing and I’m sure to live it up and relax in every way I can. The first half will be spent with (200+?) of my Richmond friends in the Dominican, and the second half I will be *detoxing* with my family in Florida, ha. I’m so lucky to have such amazing friends and family who love the sunshine and beach just as much as I do ☀️. Follow along on my Instagram stories & photos to see what I’m up to and how I style these gorgeous tropical pieces! xx


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