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Creating & Sharing Content While Traveling

Creating & Sharing Content While Traveling

top c/o | bag | headband in Bergen, Norway

This post is for anyone who takes photos and shares them while traveling!

 I am currently sitting on the Flam railway that’s winding through the white-tipped mountains of Norway. We’re leaving one of the most picturesque places I could ever imagine, Balestrand, and heading to our last stop on our trip, Bergen!

Throughout the past two-ish weeks I’ve been traveling with both my boyfriend (in Aruba) and then my family (visiting my little sister as she’s studying abroad in Copenhagen this semester). I realize how truly fortunate I am to be able to travel, and to have such wonderful people in my life to travel with, and I don’t take that for granted for one single second. As I’ve been traveling though, I’ve been taking photos, drafting captions, working on campaigns, posting Instagram stories, responding to emails, posting Instagrams, and drafting my upcoming travel diary blog posts for Aruba, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Norway. You might think that my next sentence is going to be me half-complaining about “working” during the trips, but it’s actually quite the opposite. In a nutshell, I’m doing all of my absolute favorite things and couldn’t be happier.

I love to do every single thing I just listed and would work on them 24/7 if I could.

Honestly! It’s hard for me to put down my computer to go to sleep (just ask my sister who I’ve been sharing a room with) and I’m so excited to wake up and get back to it in the morning (reading this back I sound like a crazy enthusiast, and honestly maybe I am?!). If I didn’t have friends and family and a boyfriend who I loved all so much, I would work All. The. Time.

I’m beyond obsessed with this uplifting little community of people who read this blog and follow @amybelievesinpink. It’s everyone who is all about a lifestyle that involves sipping rosé, planning trips to faraway places, twirling in pink dresses, decorating their apartments, living an upbeat, confident life, and so much more. If you’re reading this right now, you’re one of those people. 🙂 

But as I’ve been having the best time taking photos, sharing content, and “working,” it got me thinking about what the ideal balance looks like between taking photos and posting them, and then truly living in the moment, sans phone, while traveling. Is it good enough to put down your phone for moments, like when you’ve reached the top of the mountain you’ve been hiking and take in the view? Or should you go entire days without your phone, like if you’re on a gorgeous island with your boyfriend?? The hard part is, we usually want to document those moments that are the most beautiful… i.e. when you get to the top of the mountain or when you’re on an island vacation.

But the flip side to that is that those are probably the moments that we should be living in the moment most. Right?! 

I don’t have any major epiphanies or conclusions on this, and have truly just started to think about what the right balance looks like for my lifestyle. And I know it’s different for everyone— there are people who live to share their trips and experiences, there are people who literally make careers out of it, and there are people who’d rather put their phone in the safe when they check into a hotel and then get it out right before they check out. For me, I think that my balance will lie somewhere between living in the present, capturing content but not putting too much pressure on it, and then sharing it all at a later time when I can sit down with a cup of coffee and some wifi and post, without ignoring anyone or distracting myself from the moment at hand. 🙂

Through all of this thinking (omg all of this nature time is getting to me 😉 ), I’ve realized that there are a few key things that have been guiding me as I figure out the best balance. 

I think that delay posting and batch working are both tactics that have really helped me so far.

For instance, taking photos and videos in the moment, but then sitting down to sort through, edit, upload, and post them all at once at a later time. And writing out all of my travel diaries in one sitting, instead of doing them sporadically over a week or two. Both strategies help take the pressure off while you’re trying to live in the moment. 

Another thing that’s been enlightening to see are other influencers who are experts in the area of traveling and sharing their content in seemingly effortless ways (although it’s always anything but effortless!). I follow so many women who are able to share their travels in engaging, funny, beautiful, relatable ways, which makes me hopeful and appreciative of the influencer space. I’m constantly so impressed by so many influencers who have their own styles of sharing travel content, while still seemingly living in the moment and enjoying their family and friends. 

Speaking of, in all honestly, the thing that’s helped me most when it comes to travel content (and all content, really!), are my friends and family who are always down to scout photo locations, take my photo, and then make fun of me in the moment. 😉 You all are the real MVPs!! ?

Hopefully this post can offer some honest insight into what my trips have looked like recently behind the scenes. Instagram stories and posts usually only show about 1% of anyone’s day, and now I’m trying to figure out the best way to create content, and live in the moment, with the other 99%. I’m SO excited for all that’s to come! As always, thank you for following along and caring about this crazy stage of life I’m in. xx 🙂 



  1. Ngozi
    April 22, 2019 / 9:57 pm

    Gorgeous Amy I actually understand with it means for you to be doing absolutely everything that makes you happy, I can say you are enjoying life by living each moment, capturing content much later and still being able to enjoy the moment at hand and you should know that, there lies the balance of life. I had appendicitis and later had surgery, after that surgery I started enjoying my God given Second chance life, like I call it, living for every moment. Cheers to my Gorgeous Amy as you live the moment, create the content and give it to us much later.

  2. Anabelle
    May 2, 2019 / 1:32 am

    I love love love this & totally relate!!!

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