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2020 Top Five

Amy Believes in Pink Top Products of 2020

2020's Top 5 Everything

In these next two weeks (the last of this year and the first of the new year!) I generally do a lot of looking back, recapping, and reflecting. It’s how I finish out the year, evaluate what worked and what could have gone better, and set my goals and intentions for the year to come. 

I’m already pretty meticulous about recapping things (I have weekly and monthly recaps that I already do, which I definitely learned from my corporate role), but it’s always really fun and extra interesting to examine everything from a year-long perspective. Therefore I always look into my analytics on the backend of my site, Instagram, and affiliate networks, etc. and round up the most popular, purchased, and loved products and topics! 

I honestly find this so interesting and this year I thought you might as well, so I rounded up some key insights in this post! It’s very top level and light (I won’t bore you with my YOY percentage increases or anything 😂  ), but with just looking at the below information, here’s what you can take away…

Your favorite blog posts of mine are personal life updates, product reviews, and dedicated pages where I link up a ton of items. Your favorite Instagram posts of mine are also personal life updates (especially ones that relate to my family/home!) and bathingsuit roundups (lol). You purchase the most from J. Crew, Lilly Pulitzer, and Etsy (with masks being a standout product), and from Amazon you like my beauty and book recommendations best!

Looking at my top five personal favorite items of the year (the things I used and loved the most!), it looks like I focused on self care products this year way more than I ever have before, and I tried to make WFH life as cozy and joyful as possible. 😊

Does this sound about right?! Scroll through the below links for the full rundown! xx

Top 5 Most Purchased Items

Top 5 Most Purchased Amazon Items

My Top 5 Personal Favorites

ONE // Jesus Calling book— The book I read every night (also an app!) that really makes you feel like Jesus is talking directly to you.

TWO // Equilibria CBD— My favorite self care discovery of 2020. Read all about my journey with CBD here & use the code amylittleson50 for 50% off your first month of a subscription, through 12/31!

THREE // LifeSeasons Beau-T— This transformed my hair like I’ve never seen anything else do. Read more about my experience with it here.

FOUR // Dudley Stephens Fleece— This was the year of fleece and sherpa and so I don’t know what I would do without my chic DS fleece turtlenecks and pullovers!

FIVE // Ice roller!— I keep my ice roller in the fridge and use it every morning to de-puff my face! Absolutely SWEAR by it for a more pronounced jaw line and soothing my TMJ.

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